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Small Business Case Study

Number of People: 3


A three-person business was experiencing extremely high drug claims. The wife of the owner needed $30,000 of prescription drugs per year.


Under the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, the prescriptions were paid at 80% using the pay-direct drug card. For businesses with fewer than 10 employees, all drug, health, and dental claims are fully pooled nationally with 28,000 other businesses.

The Chamber Plan operates non-profit, thus creating a reliable, long-term cost structure for plan members.


The business experienced no increase in their health rates as a result of their drug claims.

Large Business Case Study

Number of People: 200


The business had a traditional group health and dental plan, but wanted to decrease fees.


With our expertise, we implemented an advanced method of funding the benefits plan called “Administrative Services Only” (ASO).

The ASO structure has saved the client large amounts of money by decreasing transaction costs and increasing plan flexibility. Moreover, this model can work for firms with as few as 20 employees.


The company saved $40,000 without decreasing benefit levels.

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